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Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce the remarkably high rate of software project failures worldwide, by transforming the way companies manage them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a standardized approach and tools that help decrease the failure rates of software projects, and encourage companies to adopt these.

Our Goal

Standardize and codify key software project concepts & terminology and develop an accurate and flexible model describing key project activities.


MyDevClub integrates into your business

Our dedicated teams integrate deeply into your organization and work with you just like permanent employees.

We can help you to grow your business

We will do this by combining consulting experience and accepted best practices with the latest techniques in software development. We will accelerate and improve project development and deployment activities by publishing on-demand tools, and content.


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We will set up an initial appointment to understand your particular business goals and objectives for using a software application. We can then produce a detailed roadmap to help you succeed.


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